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Below are some of the most common questions we received regularly when inquiring about our services.

  • Do you provide your own sound equipment? Yes we do!  We travel with state of the art sound equipment and auxiliary equipment that can be used for ceremony and cocktail hour set ups at different locations.  If the event is outdoors we can supply equipment for a crowd of up to 1000 people. ​​

  • Do you provide a stage? We do not currently travel with a stage.  Most of the time the venue you have booked has a vendor that they know and trust that can provide you a quote for a stage.  We are comfortable with or without a stage.  We do provide stage  lighting for the band. 

  • Do you have an extra microphone we can use for toasts? Yes we do!  We always have an extra microphone or wireless microphones that we can use to assist with speeches, announcements and toasts.  We also travel with a lapel microphone for use during ceremonies.  

  • Is your price quote "all inclusive"? Yes it is.  The last thing you need on your special day is to have hidden fees or extra expenses come up last minute.  We provide our quotes to include travel and all other fees.  Tips are always welcome and appreciated, but not required.  The only exception would be if the venue requires insurance.  There is typically a fee of less than 100 dollars for us to add the venue and date to our liability policy.  

  • Do you have smaller combinations of the band available at lower price points?  Yes we do.  We often book events as duos, trios, four and five piece bands.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to provide a lineup and quote that matches your budget.

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